Kristen Stewart Is Just Like Us -- Sweaty & Insecure

When you think of celebrities, you think fashion, you think talent, you think beauty. Sometimes you think car crashes. But generally you don't think "insecurities." So it's refreshing to hear that Kristen Stewart, who has a mega-career and a mega-boyfriend (Robert Pattinson, of course), admits that she too gets a case of the insecurities every now and again.

Says KStew:

I'm still fully and completely, overtly aware of my insecurities. My palms are sweating right now.


Well, of course celebs have their weak moments. They're human. Plus, every little mistake they make is blown up into sensational headlines and plastered all over the media. My palms would sweat too if I had to deal with that. Actually, my palms have never sweated, not that I'm aware of. When I get insecure, I tend to talk a lot. But this isn't about me, right? I mean, it's not right? I feel some sweat coming on.

Still, the Twilight star also says that, on the whole, she's pretty secure. To which her Snow White and the Huntsman co-star, new mamma Charlize Theron, replied: "You are. Seriously, it's incredible. I never had that at her age."

Okay, which is it, KStew? Secure or insecure? Now I'm confused. I'm starting to sweat again. Maybe, just like the rest of us, Kristen goes back and forth. Yeah, there are days when I'm like, "I'm king of the world!" and days where I'm like, "Someone please toss me a nice hole I can crawl into." So maybe KStew is just like me. She and I are practically twins. Except I'm not dating Robert Pattinson. I'm not a big celebrity either. Or even a small one. I need to go dry my palms.

What do you get insecure about?


Image via GreatJL3/Flickr

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