'True Blood' Season 5: Sneak Peek Pics of Very Mysterious Vamps! (PHOTOS)

true bloodTRUEBIE ALERT!!!

If you, like me, are counting down the days until the premiere of True Blood, Season 5 (June 10!!!), then you'll be mildly ecstatic to hear that HBO has released 20 -- count 'em, 20! -- brand new images

Oh my ASkars, it's enough to make a girl dizzy! And here's what we can learn from this sneak peek photo album ...

There are soooo many new faces in Season 5!

I mean, we were expecting the addition of the Authority members (Chris Meloni, hot!) and we knew we'd be getting a fanged Steve Newlin, but Nora? Who's she?! And Salome?? And I really need to know more about this Patrick dude.

Waiting sucks, indeed.

Which new character are you most curious about?

Images via HBO

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