Lindsay Lohan & Puck: Hottest 'Glee' Hookup Ever! (VIDEO)

Lindsay LohanWith all of this prom excitement on Glee and Rachel's big audition flop two weeks back, I feel like many of us Gleeks have forgotten about what's really coming up on next week's special two-hour episode: Nationals. You know what that means, don'tcha? Yeah yeah, loads of AMAZING songs and plenty of fun outfit changes. It also means that Lindsay Lohan is about to make a her Gleetastic debut. Can I get a hoo-rah?

Whether or not you're on Team Lohan, you've got to admit that watching her play a judge at Nationals is going to be preeeetty epic. Will she be sober? Will she hit on everyone in sight? Will it be better than her last stint on Saturday Night Live? Well, we may not know all the dets -- but there are a few interactions I'm hoping will happen in "Props/Nationals." Starting with Ms. Lohan and Rachel Berry:


Lindsay and Rachel: If you think about it, seeing this duo connect could be super interesting. Lindsay has everything that Rachel has ever wanted, AKA, she's uber famous. However, Rachel is not exactly the sort of girl to get a DUI. Could Lindsay's not-so-clean image rub off on Ms. Berry? Will Rachel annoy the hell outta LiLo with her questions? I see a whole good meets evil thing happening here, and I like it.

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Lindsay and Puck: Let's face it: Puck gushes after every beautiful woman, ever. He didn't get any at the prom, he's in a low place after finding out about his failed exam, I could totally see him trying to make a move on Lindsay. The question is, would she fall for it? Heck, I would. They would be a SLAMMIN' item!

Lindsay and Sue: Lindsay has sat trial in front of one kick-ass judge, but she's never sat down with Sue Sylvester. I think if there's anyone that can put the soon-to-be Elizabeth Taylor in her place -- it's Sue for sure. Will Sue spill punch on her? Make her lick her belly to say hello to her unborn child? Let's be real, nothing would surprise me.

Watch the trailer for next week's episode "Props/Nationals" here:

What are you looking forward to the most about next week's episode? Lindsay's appearance, or The New Directions' performance?


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