Kate Middleton Replaces Angelina Jolie as the Leg-Baring Queen (VIDEO)

kate middleton   Well, it looks like Angelina Jolie's right leg has some new competition, because Kate Middleton upped the ante on her style and dared to bare her slender stems in this slinky white dress. Wait a minute -- you're right. Angelina Jolie and Kate Middleton really shouldn't be named in the same sentence when it comes to fashion. And honestly, no one should be subjected to being compared to Kate -- because she's obviously going to come out on top every time. (Duh.)

The Duchess of Cambridge wore this elegant gown to attend a private dinner at Claridge's in London -- and we can only hope they weren't serving anything that involved tomato sauce. (That dress would've been a total magnet for it.)


Even though she's stepped out in short skirts and dresses that have showed off her toned legs before, this particular gown really gives the perfect sneak peek at her amazing bod. Even though the rest of her frame is covered up, this look still oozes sex appeal while maintaining a high element of class.

And another thing I'm really loving about what Kate wore to the dinner are those super cute sandals. (I need to go out and buy a pair, stat!) Since she usually wears pumps, I was beginning to wonder if perhaps her feet were the only part of her that weren't in great shape. But alas, her toes are perfectly proportioned, and it looks like she's got a fresh pedicure going on too. (OMG. Can you imagine being the person giving Kate a pedi? Talk about a surreal moment.)

Sorry, Angie -- but either one of Kate's legs are way sexier than your right one will ever be. At next year's Oscars, go for exposing an entirely different body part if you want to stand out. (Maybe try flashing a smile for a change?)

Here's a video clip of Angie flashing her right leg at the Oscars to refresh your memory.

Who do you think rocked the dress slit better -- Kate or Angie?

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Image via Splash News

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