'16 and Pregnant' Recap: Hope Gave Up Way Too Much

It's a bad, bad sign for MTV's 16 & Pregnant when you're already crying five minutes into the episode. But wow. Hope's episode just killed me.

With shades of Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska, Hope is hanging on to a guy who doesn't seem all that worth it. She is also the product of a single mom (like 70 percent of these girls) and had only had sex a handful of times. She was a virgin when she met her baby daddy and he not only took her virginity, he also knocked her up and didn't want anything to do with the baby. 

Lovely, right?


By the time he comes around, she is feeling awful about herself and her weight and swelling causes her to have to quit her job. Could it get any worse?

In many ways, Hope's story is better than the other girls. Ultimately her baby daddy (Ben) comes around and he works hard enough to make money for their family. She also already graduated from high school, which means that whole thing isn't part of her equation.

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Still, it's sad when Hope watches all her friends leave for college. Having had the fun of that college experience myself and also having a baby (many years after college), I know exactly what she is missing and, quite frankly, it's a lot.

College is by far one of the most fun stretch of years of life. It's the time when you are young enough to still be silly and have a blast and have some freedom, but you are old enough to be on your own a little more than a high school kid.

Even Hope was clear on how lonely she is and how much she is missing. It's very sad.

Sure, Hope's story is full of hope. But she has given up a lot (something even she admits) in order to be a mom, and it all happened within the first couple times she had sex.

That is just plain depressing. There is a lot of living she will just never get to do. And she will never know what she missed. This was a tearjerker of an episode.

What did you think of Hope's life?


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