'Glee' Recap: Who's the Real Queen of the Anti-Prom?

glee promWonder why you watch Glee? Then you need to save the prom episode (dubbed Prom-asaurus because, well, they could) on your DVR so it's handy when you're feeling particularly down. It's the last episode before the finale of Season 3, which is essentially Armageddon for Gleeks who can't contemplate a show without Kurt Hummel, Rachel Berry, and the rest of the graduation group. And it was everything that Glee is about.

These are kids who are on the outside proving that they are worth it, that they count. They are kids who throw an "anti-prom" because they are trying to prove they don't need the adoration of the so-called cool kids, but still show up at the real thing. 


OK, so the real question is "who the heck was prom king and queen." The answer is, well, it's complicated. It's what makes Glee a show we watch.

Quinn won. Because she's hot. She's blond. And she's a cheerleader. And she worked that pity vote like a mofo from her wheelchair.

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But she is also aware that it really sucks to win because you worked the pity vote. So she threw the competition to Rachel. Rachel friggin Berry. Ms. Dresses Like a Catholic School Girl and Is Kind of Self-Obsessed won prom queen. And she got to stand beside sexy boyfriend Finn Hudson, who got the king title for her happily ever after (for now). Nice TV ending you expect, right?

Except that's not "the end." Because Rachel threw an "anti-prom." That's what geeky Glee club kids who aren't accepted by the main stream do in real life, right? And Becky, the cheerleader with down syndrome who has a British voice in her head telling her story, lived the dream. She got the anti-prom queen title, thanks to Puck, her anti-prom queen hottie king on her arm. Geek. Girl. Dream.

It happens in real life. Occasionally. It makes us all feel like it CAN happen, that kids who are different will be accepted. But it's still too rare, and Glee was honest about that. They didn't give Becky the "real" crown, but they gave her the one that mattered. Because the kids of Glee have taught America that it isn't what the mainstream recognizes that changes a kid's life. It's finding acceptance off the grid, finding a group where you fit, that can change your life.

The music rocks. The laughs are good. But the lure of Glee is really about finding those diamonds in the rough and making them shine. This show is the anti-prom queen of primetime.

Why do you watch Glee week after week?


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