William Levy Trades Sexy for Suave & Gets a Perfect Score (VIDEO)

william levy

William Levy has been breaking our hearts week after week, and it's not just because he's sexy as hell. It seems like Levy's sexiness has been robbing him of those perfect scores he deserves. But oh happy day! William's not-winning streak finally broke last night.

He and Cheryl Burke won a perfect score for dancing the foxtrot to Stray Cat Strut! Three tens from the judges -- for the first time ever. It was a tame dance performance for Levy. Not so over-the-top sexy this time! He did sneak in a little butt wiggle, though. Did you catch that? But overall, I think the judges liked seeing his skill shine over his sex appeal, even if his sex appeal can't help shining through anyway.


Mrowr! Carrie Ann compared him to a "super hot sexy Pink Panther" and Len called the performance "A mix of care and flair. There was care in the technique, there was flair in the movement." Bruno told William he hates him even more now -- but he meant it as a compliment.

William and Cheryl prove you don't have to get raunchy to be sexy. When I said this was a "tame" performance for William I meant compared to his other performances. But these two are still smokin' hot. I just hope the audience agrees with the judges.

Do you think the audience will go for this performance?


Image via AwesomeArtistsLive/YouTube


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