Let’s Look at Kim Kardashian In Rainbow-Colored Blazers

kim kardashianI wonder if Kim Kardashian ate a lot of Skittles growing up becaue the girl really loves her a taste of the rainbow. We've all seen her enviable, color-coordinated shoe closet, but I'm dying to see her room for of beautifully bright blazers. The reality star recently wore a bold yellow blazer while shopping with her family in Calabasas, which got me thinking: I'd love to kill 15 minutes of this life I'm never going to get back by seeing how many photos of Kim Kardashian I can find in rainbow-colored blazers.

And so, my friends, let there be light.


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Let's take a stroll down ROYGBIV lane Kardashian-style, shall we?

Kim wore a red blazer in NYC back in September. Paired with black and white, she was screaming '80s, and I loved it.

Just last month, Kim rocked an orange blazer while getting some work done in LA. Tangerine is so hot right now.

Then, obvs, she wore the yellow one this week in California. So sunny!

Back in March, Kim's springy green blazer made a lot of us green with envy. Nailed it.

Kim's blue blazer actually inspired me to pick up one of my own at Urban Outfitters on the cheap.

So this isn't exactly indigo, but this plum blazer is pretty close to rounding out the rainbow.

And, OK, this isn't exactly violet, but I think this pink blazer is a great finishing touch to Kim's color-spectrum, no?

I'm glad we did this, guys, aren't you? What a kaleidoscopic journey we've just taken. Thanks for joining me.

Thoughts on colored blazers?

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