Mila Kunis Saves a Man's Life & It's Not Hot at All

Imagine you are in trouble, you need help, and along comes ... some hot celebrity! Why is this happening to everyone but me? First, Ryan Gosling saved some woman from being hit by a car. Then, Patrick Dempsey rushed to the rescue of a guy hurt in a car. Now, a guy has a seizure, and guess who saves him? Mila Kunis!

The 50-year-old man, who was working in Mila's house when he fell ill, must have been totally stoked to have cute little Mila rush to his side. Well, no. No, of course he wasn't! Because he passed out and bit his tongue and was bleeding! That is so NOT hot.


Then Mila, with her luscious chestnut waves, grabbed the poor man's head and turned it to the side. He must have smiled just a little as Mila touched his head. No, of course he didn't! That's so insensitive. He was vomiting and coughing up blood! He didn't notice Mila at all.

And then the ambulance came, and Mila offered to ride to the hospital with him. And he was all like, "Ohhh, that would be so nice. Sit here right next to me, Miss Mila ... "

Of course, he didn't think that. Jeez, people. He was very sick! He just wanted to get to the hospital and get well.

He has since made a full recovery. And if Mila visits him in the hospital, I just know he is going to take pictures with his savior! I mean, provided he is feeling perfect again. And, when he thanks her for saving his life, maybe he'll hold her hand. And they'll have a nice little moment together.

I'm kidding, of course. This was a horrific experience for this poor man and there was nothing, absolutely nothing, good about it. Ahem.


Image via az29c/Flickr

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