Kanye West Lets Kim Kardashian Drive His Mercedes – It Must Be Love!

I'll admit it, I had my doubts about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. It all seemed a little too convenieeeeeent. Kim needs to redeem her image. Kanye needs to be in the spotlight. Their names combine into the oh-so-cute "Kimye." Wah-lah! Instant made-for-the-media relationship. But what is this? Could they be for reals, y'all?

Yesterday, Kim was spotting tooling around town in ... are you ready? Kanye's $500,000 silver Mercedes SLR McLaren. Woah. You know a man don't let a gal get behind the wheel of his car, especially if that car is a -- hello? -- a rad half a million dollar set of wheels, unless he loves him that woman.

I'm not saying it will last, of course. But I'm saying, for now, it's seeeerrrrious. Here's 4 more ways to know if a man is serious about you.


He lets you use his cell phone. If you and your guy are strolling and you're all like, "Honey, I forgot my phone, mind if I use yours to call the restaurant?" and he's all, "Huh? Phone? What's a phone? I ain't got no phone!" then you're in trouble. He doesn't want you to see his call history. If, however, he hands it over with barely a blink, then you can reasonably conclude that he's not sexting anyone else.

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He lets you use his computer. Pretty much the same deal here. If you ask to "check your email" while at his place and he nose-dives for his computer before letting you on it, he's erasing his browser history. If, however, he's like, "Sure, baby. And check my email while you're at it," then he's TRES serious.

He introduces you to his friends -- the female ones. We all know a sign of a dude getting serious is that he introduces you to his male friends, but he's even MORE serious when he brings around his girl pals. For one, that lets you know these girls are just his friends. For two, that lets THEM know that you two are more than friends.

He lets you tag him. Nothing like a guy who lets you tag him with all kinds of photos on Facebook. You and your guy kissy facing at your pad the night before? Nah, he don't mind that every single chick on his friends list will see it. He might even comment under it, "That was a great night, baby!"

When did you know your guy was serious about you?


Image via kimandkanye/Flickr

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