'DWTS' Recap: Why Did Melissa Gilbert Make Maks Cry?

This entire season of Dancing With the Stars has been all about sex and sensuality. Maybe it is because William Levy is on the show (hello HOTTIE), but this season is just smoking hot.

Never mind that half the episode was about threesomes (they called them "trios") and that it seems like at least three of the remaining couples have a little somethin' on the outside happening, too.

Anyone who has watched DWTS for any period of time knows that Maksim Chmerkovskiy is famous for being a bit of a hot head. But on this episode with Melissa Gilbert, he went a bit too far.


Of all the contestants, Gilbert is by far the sweetest and most humble. She is endlessly supportive of Maks and kind to him. Meanwhile, he snaps and curses at her.

It does not look good for him. And tonight, he realized it. When he saw how he made Melissa feel, he CRIED. Yes, Maks CRIED. Wow. She has warmed his cold, arrogant, cocky heart it seems.

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Later, during the threesomes, ahem, TRIO dances, things also heated up. Derek Hough and Maria Menounos invited a third for their Bollywood inspired Samba, which was awesome (though not according to Len). Meanwhile Maks invited his brother and finally showcased what Gilbert can REALLY do. She got her best scores on that dance.

So maybe they are finally starting to gel, just one week before the semi finals. I worry she will be one of the ones sent home in this double elimination. But I hope not.

It seems Maks can learn a lot from sweet little Laura Ingalls. She really has not changed much at all.

What did you think of the episode? Who do you think will go home?


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