Linda Evangelista Finally Settles Child Support Case, but One Big Question Remains (VIDEO)

Linda EvangelistaFinally. After more than two years, one of the world's largest and most public child support battles between supermodel Linda Evangelista and her billionaire baby daddy, Francois-Henri Pinault, has come to a close. After two days in court when the gavel finally fell, Pinault told her, "Call me in the morning." Whatever that means.

Even more nagging, however, is the one big question at the heart of the case: How much money is she getting? Unfortunately for all of us curious types, there's no word as to if she got the $46,000 a month (yes a month!) she was reportedly asking for or any other details, according to the New York Post. At least it's all over, though. For the sake of her 5-year-old son, Augustin, (and all of us sick of hearing about it), it's for the best, no matter what the amount. Even better, is the fact that the case didn't end up getting as ugly as some suspected it might


It seems they reached an agreement before Evangelista took the stand to address her allegations that Pinault wanted her to have an abortion when he found out she was pregnant. While it may be good for Pinault's reputation that she didn't go there, it's even better for Augustin, who doesn't need a court record of just how much his father didn't want him (or how much his mother said his father didn't). It's bad enough that it's all over the media.  

David Aronson, Pinault's attorney told reporters, "Everybody's glad for the sake and the benefit of the child that it's done." Amen.  I can only imagine how all of this has and will affect him.

Will we ever know the amount Evangelista got or if she'll have to adjust the minimum amount it takes for her to get out of bed? Probably not, as the financial details aren't expected to be included in the court report. I'm sure, however, that if it's even a fraction of the original amount she requested, she'll be able to make due somehow.

Are you glad to see that Linda Evangelista's child support case has finally come to an end? Do you think she got everything she wanted?


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