Matthew Fox's DUI Is His Latest Booze-Fueled Bummer

Do you remember last summer when Lost star Matthew Fox inexplicably Hulked out on a lady bus driver—and not in the new sexy sensitive/tortured rumpled-clothes Ruffalo Hulk way, but old-school drunken Cro-Magnon GRAHHH ME SMASH EVERYONE WHO KEEP ME FROM PARTY BUS? Apparently the driver stopped him from attempting to board the bus without an invitation, and he allegedly responded by punching her in the groin.

Fox was never criminally charged for that incident, but he's definitely in some legal hot water now, thanks to an ill-advised 3 a.m. fourth-meal run on Friday that resulted in a DUI.


TMZ is reporting that Fox and a passenger were on their way to a fast food restaurant in Bend, Oregon when Fox was cited for DUI at 3:23 a.m. He was taken into custody and released later that day.

Fox's reps haven't commented on the arrest yet and there aren't many details about what went down, but really, it sounds like a pretty familiar scenario to me. You've had a drink or 10, you start thinking that a seven-layer burrito would really hit the spot, and you make the dumb-ass decision to get behind the wheel. It seems like a 45-year-old successful Hollywood actor would know better, but that's the thing: alcohol can really fuck with your better judgement, especially if you've got yourself a serious drinking problem.

Now, I'm not saying he does have a problem—hell, I don't know the guy—but it's hard not to look at his 2011 boozy bus drama and this weekend's drunken driving arrest and wonder if these public incidents were just bad luck ... or if Fox is in serious need of help.

At any rate, here's hoping that the DUI ends up being the wakeup call he needed. It looks like his post-Lost career is heating up these days, with movies like World War Z and Emperor set to release in the next couple years, so this could really be an awesome new stage for Fox as an actor. As long as he gets his act together, that is.

Are you surprised by Fox's DUI arrest?

Image via ABC

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