'DWTS' William Levy Would Make a Sizzling Christian Grey (VIDEO)

william levyDancing With the Stars only has a few more shows to go this season, and I have to admit -- I'm really going to miss seeing every inch of William Levy's hotness each week. I truly look forward to getting a nice dose of DWTS eye candy on Monday and Tuesday nights -- even though we all know he's so much more than just a sexy guy.

Actually, he's got some mad acting skills too -- and we may get to see him in action in Hollywood sooner rather than later. William dropped a hint on Twitter about a future film role after a fan told him she'd love to see him in a Hollywood movie. He replied, “thank u.. We'll have good news about that soon.”

Ok -- is anyone else hanging on the edge of their seat? Because I really want to know when we're going to get to see William on the big screen.


It definitely sounds like he has a movie in the works -- but what could it be? Yeah, yeah, I immediately thought of Fifty Shades of Grey too. I just started reading the book this past weekend, and while I'm not too impressed with it yet, I can totally see where the movie version will be a major thrill ride. OMG. How ridiculously hot would William Levy be as Christian Grey? (Please excuse me -- I can't stop panting.)

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He'd have to work with a dialect coach to nail down an American accent, but when it comes to his sexy factor? I can't think of a more delicious person to cast as Christian. (But I don't wanna get my hopes up.)

William did say that his dream role would be to play "Zorro," and honestly -- I could go for that too. He'd be pretty dreamy in tight pants and a mask.

Here is a sneak peek of William on Single Ladies, which will air this summer on VH1. Doesn't he have every ingredient to be a big time Hollywood star?


What role would you like to see William Levy play?


Image via ABC

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