Kristen Stewart Reveals Exciting New 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' Details (VIDEO)

Kristen Stewart on Jay lenoKristen Stewart appeared on The Tonight Show on Friday to hang and chill with Jay Leno. Not sure if he just didn't do his homework that night or was playing dumb, but he asked her where she was coming from. Duh. Every Twi-Hard knows she was just in Vancouver, working on re-shoots for Breaking Dawn. Turns out, she stumbled away with a bit of an injury.

Kristen told Jay, "I wasn't trying to have ultimate swag when I walked out. I hurt my foot. I wasn't trying to get out of wearing heels either. Puncture wound, promise!" Fans should be able to sympathize and appreciate that, being that she was injured re-shooting her hunting scenes! Specifically, Vampire Bella's first hunt scene, which of course has even more significance. Because, you know, it's going to be a big freakin' deal to see Bella nab her first kill.


Kristen joked that "we all wanted more of it," referring to the need for extra footage of Bella hunting. Seems like a wise investment of time! After all, the scene that has already been released in a teaser trailer -- in which we see Bella shooting through the woods, stalking her prey -- has had Twi-Hards' pulses racing. Surely, that's going to be one of the most exciting parts of the second BD.

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And there's more dish, too! Kristen told Jay that she had to work with creepy "Chucky"-like dolls, which stood in for Renesmee at various ages -- before she's played by McKenzie Foy, that is. Interesting ... As Kristen said, I'm sure that'll come out looking cool on screen, but to hear her describe how they actually filmed is both scary as hell and hilarious.

For more details on Breaking Dawn—Part 2, here's Kristen's interview with Jay. Really gets you on the edge of your seat for November!


Are you more psyched to see the hunt scene or Renesmee?

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