Kim Kardashian's Eyebrows Inspire Cutting Edge Beauty Procedure

kim kardashianLadies, put down your tweasers because big, bushy eyebrows are in. And if you are the victim of over-plucking and the hair won't grow back, fear not! There is a hair transplant procedure that's been perfected and the look most women are asking for is the eyebrows of Kim Kardashian.

They are kind of perfect, aren't they? Not too thin, not overly bushy. I bet you are wondering just how this eyebrow transplant procedure goes down. No one wants part of their face being cut open in the name of beauty. Well, some do, but this procedure isn't like that.


Dr. Umar is a hair restoration specialist at DermHair Clinic in Redondo Beach, California. He created a uGraft procedure that uses the patient’s leg or arm hair to implant into the eyebrow. At first I thought that was weird, but it's better than fake hair or someone else's hair, of course. There is no scalpel used or stitches -- it's all done with Dr. Umar's single follicle extraction and transfer and there's no scarring either. And most patient's want the bold look of Kim Kardashian's eyebrows.

This does seem like a harmless procedure. Kind of like plastic surgery lite. And if you did have an irreversible eyebrow incident, why suffer through the nervousness of your painted on brows potentially running down your face if you're caught without an umbrella on a rainy day.

I also love Kim's eyebrows -- the shape is perfect for her face and would look great on a lot of people. Bold is beautiful!

What do you think of Kim K's eyebrows? Do you prefer your eyebrows to be thinner or more bold?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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