Eli Manning Kills on 'SNL': Here's What You Missed (VIDEOS)

eli manning snl little brothersLast night Giants quarterback Eli Manning was the guest host of Saturday Night Live. One never knows what to expect from a non-actor, non-comedian, but the two-time Super Bowl champion was pretty awesome (for a New York athlete).

In his monologue, Manning said that hosting SNL was the third most exciting night of his life -- following his two Super Bowl wins over the New England Patriots. He said he finally felt like a "real New Yorker" -- he told some tourists in the audience to go to Olive Garden in New Jersey for some good New York City Italian food and professed his love for Cats, the Broadway musical that ended over a decade ago.

But Manning's skits are really where he shined. He made fun of Tim Tebow, dressed in drag, and even got in some digs at his big brother Peyton Manning. Hilarious stuff.

Just watch:


Here, Manning takes a dig at Tim Tebow (and makes fun of himself) in a hilarious skit where football players are coming up with their "signature football moves" ...


Here, Manning plays murder defendant Chad Kevin Jeremy, whose alibi that he was home on the night of the murder is based on the fact that he was "sexting." He shares his silly sexts with the courtroom ...


In his best skit of the night, Manning makes fun of big brother Peyton in a fake ad for the "Little Brothers" program  (a dig at the "United Way" skit Petyon did when he hosted SNL). In the skit, Eli helps some boys "straighten out" their older siblings  ...


Did you see SNL last night? What was your favorite Manning skit?

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