Makeup Free Friday: Kim Kardashian Looks Better Natural (PHOTO)

kim kardashianDoes anyone remember the episode of one of the Kardashian reality shows where the family plus Kris Humphries head to Bora Bora, and there's this scene where Kris is wiping seawater on Kim's face, saying that she looks more beautiful without makeup? Well, Kim Kardashian stepped out to a nail salon in Beverly Hills yesterday without any makeup on, and holy moly, Kris was right.


It's been a while since the recent divorcee has been confident enough to be photographed without some serious makeup on, but gurl looks good. It's always surprising, too, that she's a natural beauty. I somehow always expect for her to look like Chris Kattan as Mr. Peppers underneath that spackle she calls foundation, but no! She's as pretty with makeup as she is without. Actually, I think she's even better looking without the pounds of eyeliner, etc.

I wish she'd go natural more often. Let that skin breathe, for crying out loud. And think of all the time she'd save by not sitting in hair and makeup for an hour before leaving the house, nor spending an hour at night trying to scrub it all off in the bathroom.

Think of all the water the city of Los Angeles would conserve.

Kim should go makeup free not only for her own good, for the good of the community. There are millions of angst teens across Southern California who don't have enough mineral water to wash off their Wet 'n Wild liquid liner every night -- Kim could help them. By relinquishing one face washing session a day, Kim could save 659,000 pimples from sprouting on oily teens.

And hey, maybe if she does, in fact, run for mayor, water conservation could top her platform. Here's to a makeup-free Kim in 2012!

Do you think Kim looks better with or without makeup?


Photo via Splash News 

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