Don't Let Justin Bieber's 'New' 'Boyfriend' Video Fool You (VIDEOS)

justin bieber boyfriend videoJustin Bieber was just 8 years old when N'Sync released the music video for their hit single "Girlfriend." That makes me feel really old, but then again, I am 10 years his senior. Which means I'm old enough to remember the tune to "Girlfriend," and to realize that when I first heard Bieber's much anticipated new single, "Boyfriend," it sounded waaaaay too familiar. I seriously put my foot on the brake while driving out of my parking lot and said, "OMG. This is a total N'Sync RIP-OFF!" 

Now, the plot has thickened ... Not only is the song so much like the pop track from 2002, but the accompanying music video, which premiered yesterday, is also almost exactly like N'Sync's video for "Girlfriend." Down to the set, the props, the dance moves, even the types of girls cast! This had to be intentional, right? An "homage"?? 


NO! Bieber was asked that Q and the kid acted completely dumbfounded. Claims he's never even seen the "Girlfriend" video. OH PLEASE, kid! You have got to be joking. (I "belieb" that as much as I "belieb" that he's still a virgin ... Yeah. I went there.) Even if Bieber himself really never saw the 10-year-old video, I'll bet some big shot over there in Camp Justin certainly had and decided it definitely wouldn't occur to Biebs' fan base, so they might as well just copy and paste the whole damn thing.

And the least they could have done would have been to prep the poor kid before he was bombarded with interview Qs about it! Have him say yes, he owes his pop tart tush to the boy bands of yesteryear, and the video concept for "Boyfriend" was meant as a tribute to one of his predecessors (Justin Timberlake, obvs). Instead, he said:

[Timberlake] was young, and he did it, and he was really amazing and had such amazing music. I can't say that I would be upset when someone compares me to him.

Yeah, maybe Bieber should run for public office someday, because he totally circumvented the issue. Oh well. Ripoff or not, the kiddies could care less, being that N'Sync is about as relevant to them as CD-ROMs and Saved By the Bell. Let 'em enjoy. But those of us who know better should be completely disappointed in Biebs' "creative directors," because this totally recycled direction is anything but creative.

For comparison's sake, here's N'Sync's "Girlfriend" video ...


And Bieber's "Boyfriend" ...

What do you think -- total ripoff, homage, or neither?


Image via JustinBieberVEVO/YouTube

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