'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Season 7 Promises More Drama Than Ever: Bring It! (VIDEO)

kim kardashianDisclaimer: Okay, just as a courtesy for you all, I'm going to start out by saying that in case it isn't obvious by the headline, this post is about the Kardashians, and how you can get more of them. Tired of hearing about Kim and Kourtney and Kris? SKIP THIS POST THEN. Move along now.

Is it just us now? Super, because I have something fantabulous to share with you: A promo for season 7 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians! More drama. More scandal. More outrage. More flawless skin and long, glossy hair tossing. More weird shoes. It's almost Kardashian time, y'all. Take a look.


So ... you've noticed something, haven't you. You're getting that deja vu feeling. It's like you've seen this all before ... because oh yeah, you have. In real life and in real time!

True, true. You already pretty much know what's going to happen in this series. Kim's going to get flour bombed, Kourtney and Scott are going to fight, Kris is going to reveal she had an affair during her marriage with former husband Robert. Oh yeah, and Kim dumps her husband. (You knew that, right?) But you know you want to watch it all happen again, this time from the inside!

Who here wants to see Kim cry in her dressing room? I do! I do! I do! Why? I don't know! But I do. And it's almost better knowing everything that this family has done this year -- because we know there's going to be about 40 percent more delicious drama in this upcoming season. Guaranteed.

So excited for May 20 to get here! Who cares about spoilers, this show is going to be so much fun.

Do you care about already knowing what's going to happen with the Kardashians? Or does it make you more exited?


Image via EEntertainment/YouTube

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