Snooki's Wedding Will Be a Guidette's Gaudy Dream Come True

snookiIt's a nice day for a white cheetah print and hot pink wedding ... that's right, Snooki is finally dishing about her big day, and if you were worried about the mom-to-be going temporarily, tastefully insane, chillax!

So far, the impending nuptials are shaping up to be gloriously gaudy:

"Animal prints and bright colors" for the wedding gown, Pauly D as DJ, and house music and fog machines replacing the traditional "Here Comes the Bride."

Okay, so candleabras and a string quartet aren't part of the plan. But what about all the stuff you can't plan for, i.e., Snooki's castmates' wedding day decorum? (Or lack thereof?)


For example. Snooki is apparently letting her bridesmaids pick their own dresses, which is awesome, but will JWOWW use the opportunity to try and upstage the bride (a g-string is NOT a dress, JWOWW)? Will Deena forget to wear "underwears" again and make a scene on the dance floor?

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Somebody's gonna have to make sure The Situation knows that the confessional is not, in fact, a tiny smush room. And is it just me, or does anybody else see the part where the bride and groom feed each other cake turning into an all-out pastry-flying food fight?!

One thing's for sure: Snooki's wedding is going to be the definition of "must-see TV." Forget the royal wedding. Forget Kim & Kris. THIS, my friends, will be the wedding to end all weddings.

What do you hope happens at Snooki's wedding?


Image via MTV

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