Miley Cyrus Is Acting More Like Lindsay Lohan Every Day

Miley CyrusWhen you think of Miley Cyrus these days, what comes to mind? For me, I associate her with working out excessively, dating Liam Hemsworth, and you know ... just livin' it up, y'all. What's funny, though, is what doesn't come to mind ... her acting career. And guess what? She has a movie coming out this weekend, LOL. No, I'm not laughing, that's actually the name of the movie. I know what you're thinking, Miley's in a movie? Why hasn't there been any press for it? I mean, when was the last time we even saw her on the big screen, The Last Song? But in her defense, on the small screen, she did recently give a wonderful performance on Punk'd.

It just seems like other things have taken priority in her life ... like partying, for instance. I know, I know, she can't be tamed. But in my opinion, Miley needs to get her act together, and quickly.


Two words: Lindsay Lohan. Remember that sweet little pre-teen red-headed Disney star who had America wrapped around her finger? Kind of similar to Miley, isn't it? Before Lindsay became the law-breaking tabloid queen she is today, she was a loveable child star, too. But a few wrong choices and BAM -- look at her now. Yikes.

I like Miley, I really do. And I don't want to see her talent go to waste. She's a good person, saving puppies in her spare time and all, but she's starting to take the same steps down Lindsay's broken path and that is all kinds of bad news.

But who knows? Maybe her new movie will be a hit and it will put her back on the map as an actress. Or maybe she'll release another great song and reference her best friend Leslie. We're rooting for you, Miley. Make us proud.

Would you like to see Miley make a career comeback? Or do you like her just the way she is?

Image via vivirucho01/Flickr

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