Pulling Ashton Kutcher's 'Racist' Ad Proves We're Completely Humorless

It doesn't exactly come naturally to me to defend Ashton Kutcher, considering that I generally find him to be a distasteful guy. But I'm going to now. Today, Kutcher's ad for Popchips was pulled for being "racist." In the ad, Kutcher plays a variety of characters, including an Indian-accented man named Raj. Within hours, people on Twitter were calling Kutcher "racist" and saying that he was doing "brown face."

What this particular incident says to me is that it's clear that we, as a country, have officially become the constipated old man at the table who sits around kvetching about anything and everything and has absolutely ZERO sense of humor! No one wants to be around him. Everyone dislikes him. Yay.


I'm not saying that Kutcher's ad was the funniest thing I'd ever seen. In fact, I thought it was kind of boring, though it did highlight Kutcher's until-now unrecognized ability to nail various accents. But for the cry of "racism" to go up already! Well, of course it did. That's just the kind of cranky, humorless country we've become.

Remember a time when Peter Sellers, one of the greatest comedians ever, would play character after character in the Pink Panther movies? In fact, the main character, Inspector Clouseau, was Sellers doing a French accent. Frog face! Frooooggg face!!!!!

And remember how Eddie Murphy played a bunch of different characters in Norbit, including a guy named Mr. Wong, who had an Asian accent? Asian faaaaace!!!!!! OMG. Murphy used to play Gumby on Saturday Night Live too. Clay faaaace!!!!!

Congratulations, everyone. At the rate this country is going we will soon be totally out of funny people. Squawking, overly-sensitive types prone to see racism everywhere will have no one to complain about except cartoons and maybe stuffed animals.

Is this ad racist, funny, or just a freaking ad where Kutcher plays some characters and everyone needs to get a grip?

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