‘RHOBH’ Diva Kyle Richards Is Turning Into Jill Zarin (VIDEO)

kyle richardsTrouble's a brewing in Beverly Hills. Radar Online got a tip from some of Kyle Richards' "friends" (cough Brandi Glanville cough) that Kyle's turned into a real diva. I know, I know, it's hard to believe that the finger-pointing, gossip queen of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills could ever do anything wrong, but sources say that she now acts like she's too good for everyone. Apparently, her vocab has shrunk to only three words, "call my assistant," and all she does all day is watch DVR'd episodes of the show and analyzes her looks from every camera angle.

While I don't necessarily buy that Kyle's glued to the TV 24/7, I don't, on the other hand, find it the least bit surprising that the fame has gone to her head. You heard it here first, folks: Kyle Richards is the new Jill Zarin.


Remember how Jill used to be everyone's favorite on The Real Housewives of New York, then she sprouted horns and a tail and became so un-self-aware that you couldn't watch the show without wanting to take a drill to your eyeballs? Yeah, I see that happening with Kyle.

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Like Jill, Kyle was also the fave of her season one. Everyone was like oh she's so beautiful, oh she's so funny, oh she's so normal, oh her husband's definitely cheating on her but he's super hot, and now? Now after season two, people are starting to realize that Kyle loves herself more than she loves anyone else. She's lost all her charm, and she's now almost as unlikable as Jill.

It's too bad because Kyle had so much potential to be a fan favorite. We'll see how she acts in season three, which is filming now, by the way, but I have a feeling Brandi Glanville's going to be the one we all fall in love with. Unless Kyle can, like, get over herself, fans are going to start seeing past her hair and discover that she's just one big old narcissistic mean girl.

Do you believe these rumors about Kyle?


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