Ashton Kutcher's Dating Ad Spoof Deepens the Mystery of His Appeal (VIDEO)

If you've been wondering whether or not Ashton Kutcher really deserves that reported pay grade increase for Two and a Half Men, raising his per-episode fee to an astounding $725,000, his multifaceted appearance in a just-released Popchips campaign provides the answer once and for all: Ashton Kutcher's comedic timing and ability to portray different characters is downright amazing.

Amazingly awful, that is. I don't know what's worse about the commercial, the fact that Kutcher actually serves as the Popchips “president of pop culture,” or that the brand thought it would be hilarious to capitalize on his cheating fame by having him spoof a dating site.

Oh wait, I think I've got it: the worst part is ASHTON FREAKING KUTCHER.


In the video, Kutcher plays four characters who are all looking for a love connection through a dating service called World Wide Lovers (naturally, redirects to a Facebook app for the Popchips campaign).

First Kutcher appears as Bollywood producer Raj, who cracks lame jokes about Kim Kardashian ("I would give that dog a bone!"). Then he's a dreadlocked Russell Brand type named Nigel, then sexually ambiguous guy who looks like Karl Lagerfeld, and finally, a hillbilly named Swordfish.

In the hands of a different actor, this dumb campaign might actually have been funny, but with Kutcher behind the wheel, well, take a look:

Boy, that Indian accent is really ... something.

I know making fun of Ashton Kutcher is kind of like shooting fish in a barrel these days, but I'm honestly perplexed as to his ongoing popularity. With almost zero exceptions, he's consistently proven he's a mediocre actor at best, and his entertainment resume reads like a list of What to Avoid in Hollywood If You Want to Be Taken Seriously. Yet he's the highest-paid person on television, and despite behaving like a cheating sleazebag and repeatedly making an ass of himself on Twitter, he remains a wildly hot commodity. WHAT IS HIS BLACK MAGIC?

At any rate, even if I don't think the ad is funny, Kutcher is surely laughing all the way to the bank with this $1.5 million campaign. I may not understand his appeal, but it's undeniable that it still exists.

What do you think of this ad? Do you think Ashton does a good job in it?

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