'Glee' Recap: When NeNe Leakes Is a Voice of Reason, Nothing Is Safe

Jenna Ushkowitz Glee Everything's gone to hell in a handbasket on Glee. This week's episode was titled Choke, and choke Gleeks did just trying to catch our breath as the writers threw major change after major change at us. We had NYADA auditions! Domestic violence! And Whoopi!

So who ... or what ... is left standing? First, how about some good news? You're going to need it after this, so we might as well. Despite the guys of the New Directions staying up all night to get him ready for his must pass or he can't graduate social studies test, Puck got a big fat "F." You know what that means?


More scrumptious Mark Salling eye candy is in store for us next season! That alone makes up for the boys' bizarre -- and bizarrely enjoyable -- punk rock version of the My Fair Lady classic The Rain in Spain.

On the other hand, it looks like Kurt really is shipping out on us. He killed at his audition in front of hard ass NYADA Judge Carmen Tibideaux (aka guest star Whoopi Goldberg) with a version of Not the Boy Next Door, the song that won hottie Hugh Jackman a Tony. And he managed it all in gold lame pants.

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So it's goodbye Kurt Hummel.

And I might as well just come out and say it. In the tradition of giving us "teachable moments" on Glee (well, it is set in a high school), the writers have killed off Rachel Berry to show us even the strong ones have weaknesses. OK, so Lea Michele is alive and well, and her character's body is still flouncing around McKinley High in bobby socks. But Ms. Broadway bound will be lucky to leave Lima after tanking her own audition on the heels of Kurt's success.

That's right. The one stable thing about Glee is gone. The inimitable Barbra Streisand Rachel Berry can be brought down to her knees.

Add to that cranky Sue being kind, built-like-a-linebacker Coach Beiste getting hit by her husband, and NeNe Leakes actually sounding like the voice of reason as Coach Roz Washington schooling the Glee girls about domestic violence, and this episode taught us all one thing.

Nothing is safe. And as we march toward the finale on May 22, more changes cometh.

Are you still reeling? What was the biggest OMG moment of the Choke episode for you?


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