Teresa Giudice Proves She’ll Do ANYTHING for Money

teresa giudiceWe Real Housewives fans have known for a while now that Teresa Giudice of the New Jersey sect will do just about anything for money -- she's got four mouths to feed, piles of alleged debt, and a husband whose mental prowess includes drinking and driving and carrying a false I.D. We've seen Teresa hawk everything from cookbooks to clothes to teeth whitening strips to a Bellini mixture, but now she's stooped even lower. In Touch reportedly paid Teresa $6,500 to write apologies to her cast mates, which were then published in the magazine.

I guess it really is true, Teresa really will do anything to get paid. When you start accepting cash to admit you're wrong, all scruples have gone out the window.


Not surprisingly, Caroline Manzo isn't buying it, and I can't blame her. Would you accept an apology from someone who was incentivized by money to do so? I didn't think so. Any admission of wrongdoing has to come from the heart, and not from the glossy pages of some celebrity magazine, or else newsflash! It's considered insincere. And the fact that she was paid over 6 grand is just insult to injury.

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I'm sure the other N.J. housewives aren't surprised by Teresa's deal with In Touch -- if anyone knows just how cunning she can be, it's Caroline, Jacqueline, Kathy, and Melissa. And frankly, I don't think fans of the show are really all that taken aback by the paid apology news. We've all seen Teresa devolve over the seasons into a social pariah with two things on her mind, money and keeping up with appearances, so the fact that she sold an offering of remorse to a tabloid seems about right.

Hopefully this is as low as she'll go. I mean, what could be worse than selling a mea culpa? Oh my. If she starts selling off those kids one by one ...

What do you think of Teresa selling her "I'm sorry" to a magazine?


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