Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's First Public Kiss Is All Set for June (VIDEO)

kristen stewart robert pattinson mtv movie awardsThe nominees for the 2012 MTV Movie Awards are out, and surprise, surprise -- Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are nominated for the fourth time in the Best Kiss category for their Breaking Dawn: Part 1 smooch. As you probably know, they've shared the popcorn statue three times in a row now, but when accepting each win, they evaded a reenactment of their lip-locking on stage. Last year, RPatz even went to the extent of kissing Taylor Lautner instead of KStew. So lame!

I know they're a private pair, but come on. When you've got fans who are this loyal, voting you into Best Kiss victory year after year, you owe them much more than goofball nonsense.


After all, it's not like we don't realize that they're together. I actually think RPatz wouldn't have a problem with a cable-broadcast kiss; it seems much more likely that Kristen's very stubborn about exploiting their real-life romance for live entertainment. Which I get ... but at the same time, oy! Look at Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams and how they handled their win for The Notebook. Went down in MTV Movie Awards history. That may have been THE BEST Best Kiss acceptance of all time.

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Granted, these two are dealing with a film franchise, which is a whole different beast. Maybe they're saving their real kiss for when they win for Breaking Dawn: Part 2. But even these two shouldn't be too sure about a winning streak. Especially now that they have competition from the Hunger Games. They could lose out on a "grand finale" opportunity altogether!

So, if they actually take the popcorn for the fourth time this June, I say they just bite the bullet. It's time for RPatz to kiss his on-screen bride. Their long-suffering, ever loyal Twi-Hards deserve it.

Here's a clip documenting the history of the MTV Movie Awards' love affair with Twilight ...

Would you be disappointed if they evaded a kiss for the fourth year in a row?!


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