Grandmas Hilariously Hoot Through Kardashian Sex Tape (VIDEO)

Old ladies can be so funny. Like how they don't know what computers are or how the Internet works. Or what sex is. Okay, they know that last one. Of course they do. How do you think you got here? But put them all together into one titillating mix -- a computer, the Internet, and sex -- and grandma busts out with some pretty interesting observations. Especially if you throw a Brazilianed Kim Kardashian and her as-well-endowed-as-Harvard porn tape co-star, Ray J, into the mix.

Yep, someone went there. Someone filmed three sweet old ladies watching the Kardashian sex tape. Then he uploaded it to YouTube. Oh ... my ... goodness. The results do not disappoint.


The ladies might be actresses -- no information is given about them on the original YouTube channel -- however, their reactions as they watch the tape seem 100 percent genuine. Perverting our elders? I think not. Watch them. They're titillated, but there's a certain sensibility there that says, "We've seen this all before." I think sometimes we all forget that sex has been around a looooong time.

If you're at work, make sure you put on your headphones or wait until you're in the privacy of your own home, cause these ladies get real. After the video, I'll tell you my favorite lines. See if we agree.

Oooooh. Makes you want to watch the tape all over again, doesn't it? Yeah, me neither. Anyway, here are my favorite lines:

1) "Once you go black, you never go back."

2) "Ray J who?"

3) "This is real pornography!"

4) "The end is purple!"

5) "What's taking him so long? He's so young."

6) "What is her problem? Why is she just lying there?"

7) "She's stupid."

8) "That's Greek!"

What do you think? Funny or perverted -- or both?

Image via YouTube

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