Kim Kardashian Wears Hideous Pants to Distract From Naked Frying Egg Photo (VIDEO)

Kim KardashianThe latest nude picture scandal to plague Kim Kardashian involves ... an egg. There's a picture floating around the web of someone who looks an awful lot like her frying one up in the nude. It's really not that bad (and certainly a LOT less than we've seen of her before), but Kim herself is hellbent on proving that the nude chef is not her. 

She issued a vehement denial through her rep, who told the Daily Mail, "It's not her. You can totally tell. It looks nothing like her." (Which is ridiculous because it looks exactly like her, but okay.) Then she took out her big guns to distract us from the whole sizzling matter -- these really ugly pants. Be careful; if you look too long, they'll make you so dizzy you just might forget your own name.


You would have thought that she would have learned a high-waisted pants lesson after Jessica Simpson's disastrous debacle with them. They're just not flattering on curvy girls. And aren't we over that fad yet?

Kim has a ridiculously hot body, but these pants are not hot ... nor flattering nor something she should have ever been allowed to step outside in. They also look too tight and are pulling at the zipper. And what's sticking out of her pocket -- it's not the lining is it? Then there are those tiny checks, which when pulled over that many curves, are enough to induce vertigo (more pics here, including her backside, but you've been warned) ... or make you forget all about that damn egg. Pretty clever one, that Kim. 

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You may wonder why she's so keen on proving the nude chef isn't her and making us forget about it with her dizzying pants. It's not like frying eggs in the buff is any big crime. So why would she waste any time or effort even offering up denials?

It's all about the boobs. You see, the ones in the picture are significantly smaller than the ones she sports today. Yet, she's adamantly denied hers are anything but real over the years. So if it is her, that picture would pretty much be the proof that she's been lying all along about her boobs -- and she'd pretty much have egg all over her face.

What do you think of Kim's pants? Do you think that's her in the photograph?

Image via Splash

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