Patrick Dempsey Saves Kid's Life Just Like a REAL Doctor (Only Better)

patrick dempesyOh my McDreamy!

Picture this (do yourself a favor and picture it in slow motion): A teen is driving his Mustang down a Malibu road lined with beautiful homes. He's driving fast -- a little too fast, maybe -- when suddenly the boy loses control of the car! There's a dramatic crash ... the car flips, rolling over again and again, finally landing in the front yard of one of those beautiful Malibu homes, a mangled heap of metal and smoke. The boy is STILL TRAPPED INSIDE.

And then ... we see a figure burst through the front door of the house. It's Patrick Dempsey! OMG! The kid landed in HIS front yard! McDreamy bounds towards the car fearlessly, crowbar in hand (I'm not making this up, I swear!), and proceeds to pull the young driver from the car.

McDreamy saved the McFreakin' day, people! For real! This actually happened, just a few days ago!

It's beyond amazing. Patrick Dempsey is totally a hero!

But I do have one question ...


He does know he's not ACTUALLY a doctor, right? I mean, don't get me wrong -- I'm sure McDreamy would make a fabulous McDoctor, but, you know ... he's not. Technically.

Though the Grey's Anatomy star clearly has gone through some intensive emergency training. He did pry a kid out of a car wreck with a crowbar, after all!

What would you do if McDreamy came to your rescue?


Image via Dave Hamster/Flickr

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