Snooki Insults Jessica Simpson's Pregnant Body -- Who Does She Think She Is? (VIDEO)

Not cool, Snooki, not cool
When I found out that Snooki was pregnant I kind of started liking her, because, hey, I'm pregnant, too! Twin-sies. But then, when she started opening up her piehole and saying words and stuff, I remembered that, while she's certainly amusing and entertaining, she isn't my favorite-est person in Hollywood. But then when she went and insulted Jessica Simpson's pregnant body -- basically calling her a fat blob of doo; saying she'd "die" if she looked like her -- I was all, "He-ll no. You did not just go and do that."


During a particularly riveting interview with US Weekly, Snooki talked to the mag about her newly-slimmed down (soon to be round) body. She said: "I'm so skinny that I can wear larges or extra larges. I only just bumped up to a medium. I'm five months and you can't really see anything. It's gonna pop up in like a week." Then, when asked if she was nervous that she'd get a bump the size of Simpson's, she said: "I would die if I were her size."

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What. The. Freck. I mean, am I being ultra-sensitive or was that a pretty rude thing to say? And ballsy as all crap. I get that Snooki is a big "celebrity" in her own right and all, but talking trash about another celebrity, a legitimate celebrity who was made famous for a talent? That's pretty brazen right there.

Look, nobody should talk crap about anybody. I know that. You know that. We all know that. But it happens. It's, unfortunately, part of life. However, when you're a celebrity who's become famous for burping, peeing, getting arrested for public intoxication, not showering for days, and drinking pickle juice, you really should make it a point to not say insulting things about other famous people in public. Especially when said famous person never did anything to you. You're gettin' a little big for your britches there, Snook. A few years ago nobody even knew who you were. And a few years ago, Jessica Simpson was starring in a reality show on MTV-- wait, this is getting a little too meta.

Snooki, just don't say mean things about Jessica Simpson. Not only 'cause it's rude, but because you're sure as hell not gonna like it when somebody says something rude about you when you're nine months in. Ya heard?

Here's a video of Jessica Simpson, who, yes, is still pregnant:

What do you make of Snooki's comments?

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