'American Idol' Boots Its Best Singer -- Again!

Oh, for the love of Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry, and Tamyra Gray! American Idol has gone and eliminated one of its best singers way too early -- again! Last night, soulful Janis Joplinesque singer Elise Testone was given the heave-ho. In a lot of cases, AI gets it right: Kelly Clarkson. Carrie Underwood. Scotty McCreery. But in this case they got it totally, unbearably, outrageously wrong. Bad, American Idol, bad, bad!


Elise Testone was a great singer. They’re all great singers at this point in the competition, of course. But, to my ear, she should have stuck around for at least another few weeks. In fact, I would have had her take the title, if I had that kind of power. Which I don’t.

But Elise was different. Sure, she sounded a lot like Janis Joplin, but more accessible. And she was so incredibly versatile. Jessica Sanchez is an amazing singer, but she sounds like so many other female singers out there. She’s kind of boring, if you ask me. Elise could perform! She had electricity! And it all seemed to come so easily and naturally to her. I guess that Jimi Hendrix song she sang did her in. She should have done Beyonce or Whitney Houston. Snooze.

Only my little cougar crush on Philip Phillips will keep me watching this show. But any deep interest I had in who will win has just left the building. Hopefully, Elise will take a page from the Jennifer Hudson playbook and go on to great fame despite being booted far too early.

Here’s Elise’s best performance. Seriously, how could this girl be cut?


Image via Fox

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