Kourtney Kardashian's Pregnancy Is Turning Her Into a Nutjob

kourtney kardashianShe usually seems so calm and collected, and that's why it was kind of a shock when Kourtney Kardashian had a total panic attack at LAX airport a couple weeks ago. She was waiting in line at customs after coming home from vacation, and all of a sudden she started freaking out -- after a major bout of claustrophobia set in.

As she describes it, the line formed inside of a tunnel, and she started feeling trapped, was unable to breathe, and wound up running to the front of the line to escape. And I'm sure that everyone waiting behind her probably did a huge eye roll and started complaining because they figured she was getting some sort of Kardashian-style special treatment. But honestly, her excuse for cutting the line was 100 percent valid.

Pregnancy can stir up all types of weird emotions and fears that you never experienced before -- or at least it did for me.


Somewhere between my second and third trimester, I developed a seriously irrational case of germophobia. I mean, I'd never exactly been a fan of germs, but I wasn't over-the-top obsessive about washing my hands or touching public surfaces. But some sort of strange internal switch triggered inside of me while I was pregnant, and suddenly I found myself practically hyperventilating whenever someone coughed or sneezed, which made me want to douse my body in hand sanitizer from head to toe. (I may have actually smeared it on my face one time while I was at work. True story.)

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I don't exactly know what my problem was or how it got started, but it's almost like I woke up one day during my pregnancy and was suddenly convinced that I was going to catch some highly contagious disease and pass it along to my unborn baby. And even though everything in my head was telling me I was overreacting, I couldn't fight the constant urge to scrub myself free of every germ I possibly came in contact with.

And while the germophobia did subside a bit after I gave birth, it never really went away completely. Over six years later, I still have at least two bottles of sanitizer and one pack of antibacterial wipes in my purse at all times. (I need help.)

Are you having any strange fears during your pregnancy that you never had a problem with before?


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