'Five-Year Engagement' Requires Serious Commitment, But It's Worth It (VIDEO)

jason segel and emily blunt in The Five-Year Engagement
Jason Segel & Emily Blunt in 'The Five-Year Engagement'
It's officially wedding season! And with the success of Bridesmaids last year, the mastermind behind funny blockbusters, producer Judd Apatow, is out to nab the female demo once again with The Five-Year Engagement. This go round, he and Jason Segel (who penned the flick with Nicholas Stoller) have zeroed in not on just men or just women, but a couple: Tom, played by Segel, and Violet, played by Emily Blunt (of The Devil Wears Prada and The Adjustment Bureau fame).

It's a love story, of course, but it's also got enough gross-out comedy to make it palatable for the guys. Because, you know, that's Judd's thing. He wants to settle the war of the sexes with equal-opportunity laughs. And with The Five-Year Engagement, he, Segel, and Stoller succeed ... for the most part.


The flick is overall enjoyable, especially for me, as a bride-to-be, who has already been faced with so many of the funny, ridiculous, embarrassing moments that Tom and Violent experience during their wedding planning.

The supporting cast is stellar, too. I especially loved Alison Brie (Pete's wife on Mad Men!) who plays Violet's sister Suzie and Mindy Kaling (from The Office) who plays Violet's research colleague at U of M. Both such hilarious ladies! Oh, and by the way, moms will go gaga for the scene where Suzie and Violet do their best Elmo and Cookie Monster impressions. Soooo funny.

But, here's my main gripe: The whole "oh, dear, now they have to move from San Fran to bumble-eff Michigan and postpone their wedding" storyline just drags on for waaaaay too long. Apatow's films tend to run too long for comedies, and this one is no exception. In fact, it's probably the worst offender so far. At one point, while watching Tom and Violet's blissed-out love fizzle out under the pressure of living with SNOW and WOODS and DIY SWEATERS (aka a total Hollywood caricature of the Midwest), you're begging for them to, OMG, get to the altar already!!

But this is a romantic comedy, after all. So, you KNOW they will! It's just a whole lot of pulling teeth and back and forth before that happens. And some of it is uncomfortable. But then again, so is life. And wedding planning. So, at its core, the flick is painfully honest and, at times, emotionally raw -- something else Apatow and Segel seem to excel at and pull off here.

In the end, you really do root for Tom and Vi to make it work. When it comes to a wedding comedy, that's all anyone can really ask for. But just as Violet's mother warns the couple at their engagement party, you need to ask yourself if you're "ready for this"? Because clocking in at over two hours, you shouldn't take your vow to see it lightly at all.  

Here's the trailer if you've yet to see it, or want to check it out again ...

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