Chris Hemsworth, Channing Tatum & Joe Manganiello -- That's One Fantasy Threesome (PHOTO)

joe manganiello, channing tatum, chris hemsworth

Oh my god, I'm blind! I'M BLIND!!! This holy trinity of hotness glows so bright to gaze upon them is like staring at the sun! Chris Hemsworth, Channing Tatum, and Joe Manganiello together in one place -- practically in coordinating outfits!! My retinas are burning!

WOW. Surely some sort of cosmic alignment that only takes place once every century or so must be the reason behind this most fortunate and fiiiiiine of red carpet moments ... what? Aha. Apparently that celestial event was in fact this week's IWC Flagship Boutique New York City Grand Opening.

Sure, why not? I honestly don't care what it was that brought these three together, I'm just glad something did.

Though I must admit, looking at this glorious photo does make a girl's imagination run wild ...


Like, if I were a fantasy casting director? I'd definitely want to see this trio starring in scenarios like these ...

1. The Three (Mostly-Naked) Musketeers. Of course it would be impractical for the Musketeers to be Completely Naked -- hats might be acceptable. And belts, for their swords and scabbards. (I'm really, really restraining myself here. The sword joke possibilities are endless!)

2. C, C & J's Rent-a-God Service. Hey, Charlie Sheen had his goddesses ... and you know he was paying by the hour. These guys could clean up starting a business like this -- because unlike the "goddesses," they really are divine.

3. Spokesmodels for a Line of Luxury Swiss Watches. I'm seeing this as a print campaign, black and white photos, maybe on a beach ... wardrobe: Watches. That's it.

4. The Three (Mostly-Naked) Amigos. Again, sombreros might be acceptable.

5. Three is a Magic Number. Remember the Schoolhouse Rock hit? All's they gotta do is sing that song: Three is a magic number/Yes it is, it's a magic number/Somewhere in the ancient, mystic trinity/You get three as a magic number.

Oh man. Somebody stop me before I start imagining Chris, Channing, and Joe dressed up in mouse costumes with dark glasses and walking sticks.

Wouldn't these guys make the ultimate fantasy threesome?!


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