If Beyonce Hates Kim Kardashian, There's Nothing Khloe Can Do About It (VIDEO)

Peace out, Kardashians!
To be perfectly frank, I'm finding this whole Beyonce hates Kim Kardashian nonsense a little hard to believe A) because I have a hard time imagining Beyonce hating anyone, and B) because I have a hard time believing that Kim and Kanye West are dating for real in the first place. Nevertheless, though, as a purveyor of all things Kardashian, it is my civic duty to bring you the latest piece of this strange, strange puzzle: Khloe is now supposedly trying to be the peacemaker between the two gals.


Late last night on Twitter, Khloe sang Beyonce's praises, tweeting: "Beyonce really is so stunning! She looks flawless in People magazine. Great article... She's so in love :)" Hmmmm ...

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Interesting timing, right? A few of Khloe's twitter followers called her out on the tweet, saying things like, "After she talks about ur sister u kiss ass??? Wow." I mean, it is weird, isn't it? If Beyonce does, in fact, take issue with Kim, it does kind of seem like Khloe is trying to bridge the gap between the two by kissing her ass on Twitter ... right? And if that is the case, well, that's kind of lame. Let Kim fight her own battle.

I'm all for women sticking up for one another -- especially sisters -- but in this particular case, it just seems like a bad idea. It almost seems like this would fuel the fire and irritate Beyonce even more, because it kind of comes off as sort of fake/ulterior motive-ish.

I'm pretty sure that if all this hullabaloo is true, and Beyonce is in fact turned off by Kim's fame-whoring ways, it's crushing Kim (and the rest of the Kardashians). I mean, who would want the lovely, talented, private Beyonce hating them? Not me, that's for sure. But I also wouldn't want my sister getting involved to try to "fix" things.

Check out this video about Kanye thinking Kim is his "Beyonce":

Do you think Beyonce is anti-Kim?


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