Kate Middleton's Outfit Is SO CLOSE to Being Perfect

Kate MiddletonFinally! A g.d. picture of Kate Middleton. I was starting to think she fell off the face of the Earth. Where has my (future) queen been? There's been nary a photo of Duchess Catherine in sight these past few weeks. I've been getting nervous. And antsy. And irritated. I cannot go too long without a shot of my girl in a fierce outfit. Soooo ... I was a little disappointed when I saw what she was wearing to the premiere of African Cats last night. I said a little! Lemme 'splain why. 


Okay, the top part of Kate's dress? Flawless. I mean, the general feel of Kate's dress is flawless. The color, the jeweling (is that a word?), the fit. But there's just one little detail about this get-up that I'm not loving (and I'm sure Kate really cares): The peplum. Dear God, the peplum! I feel like this trend popped up out of nowhere and now it's all over the place. If I have permission to speak freely: I'm so not feeling this style. For me, at least. And most non-royal folk. Why is it everywhere we turn?

It's just so '80s. And, yes, I know that all things '80s are back/are coming back/have been back, but this is one style that oughta just stay in the vault. It's really not a flattering look for most (I mean, yeah, it looks great on Kate, but what doesn't?), and it's just sort of silly looking. Does anyone agree with me here? Or am I a one-woman army in a pro-peplum world? Hello? (Is it me you're looking for?)

Peplum: Love it or hate it?

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Image via WPA Pool/Getty

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