Obama & Jimmy Fallon Can Do More Than 'Slow Jam the News' (VIDEOS)

obama jimmy fallonAwwww yeah. "Slow Jammin' the News with President Barack Obama" was definitely a shining moment in Late Night with Jimmy Fallon history. No question. In fact, I might go so far as to say it was a shining moment in American history. Awwww yeah.

So obviously Obama NEEDS to go on Jimmy Fallon's show again. Repeatedly. The possibilities are endless! Of course Obama and Fallon can keep slow jammin' the news, but just imagine how cool it would be if the POTUS showed up in one of the other regular Fallon skits?

Oh, man! He's gotta do it! Obama, you hear me? Your country needs YOU in these Jimmy Fallon segments:


1. Battle of the Instant Bands. Are you kidding? With that voice? The POTUS would clean UP!

2. Cupid's Arrow. I'm already laughing just thinking about it ... like, laughing so hard my side hurts. Yowch! Oh, I would give my left arm to see this one ...

3. Beer Pong. Let's face it: Men love playing beer pong. ALL MEN. It's a competition. Involving beer. Nice shot, POTUS! 

4. The Real Housewives of Late Night. Obama in a wig!!! Please god, if you're listening, MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

Do you want the POTUS to make regular appearances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?

Image via latenightwithjimmyfallon

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