NeNe Leakes Pulls a Jill Zarin & Uses Twitter to Diss Castmate

nene leakesThe Housewives love them some Twitter. Yesterday it was Jill Zarin digging Bethenny in 140 characters or less, and today it's NeNe Leakes tweeting a diss to Kim Zolciak. During part three of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion (anyone else think that three parts were a little excessive?), Kim and Sheree Whitfield acknowledged that it was NeNe who mentioned them to the Bravo producers when they were first casting the show. Kim followed that up on Twitter by saying she was "grateful that NeNe" did that for her, but NeNe kind of wasn't having it.

It hasn't been confirmed that what NeNe tweeted next was directed at Kim, but if I know anything about the Housewives, it's that they don't miss an opportunity to insert themselves into some drama. Oh! And Jill Zarin? She gets involved. Again.


Here's what goes down. Kim tweeted:

I am grateful that Nene mentioned me 2 the producers when casting 4 RHOA I never wud have met my hubby nor created all these memories!

Then NeNe tweeted:

U hav 2 b careful who u help n this world! They might tell u 2 kiss their ass later! Lesson learned! I will NEVER do that again.


The way that I’ve been burned, i’am now very cautious abt referrin people 2 do anything.

So, OK. It's unclear if NeNe's talking about Kim or Sheree, the two women she introduced to producers, but still. NeNe needs to calm down. I feel like she's been especially terrible during this reunion, hasn't she? She's coming across ANGRY. And mean. And "above it all" when, really, she's just as big a shit-stirrer as everyone else on the show. Her ego has gotten so out of control that it's hard to stomach now.

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She used to be my hands-down favorite housewife, now she's one of my least. NeNe's lost all of her sense of humor and that spark that everyone fell in love with. Now all she can talk about is how much money she has, how famous she is, and how she's too good for those bitches.

Not too good, I should point out, that she won't sign on for season five. It's been confirmed that NeNe will indeed be back for more of the same. Terrific.

And if you were wondering where Jill comes in. Ever the butter-inner, Zarin took to Twitter once again to insert herself. She tweeted at NeNe:

I didn’t know u were an actress & brought sheree & Kim on show? They all owe u a big thank u & a nice present.

Like, no. Go away Jill. Stop it.

Anyway, forget Bravo, tune into Twitter every night to get your daily dose of Housewives hullabaloo. It's uncensored and unedited -- what more could a fan ask for?

Do you think NeNe came across especially mean during the reunion?


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