Ke$ha's Obsession With Public Urination Is Getting Disturbing (VIDEO)

I don't know a whole lot about Ke$ha, other than she made a pretty catchy little tune called "Blow" that's enjoyed some frequent rotation on my Running Mix of Cheesy Pop Music That I'm Way Too Effing Old For. In fact, until recently, I was convinced she was a British singer, when in fact she was born in L.A. all of 25 years ago.

I may not be 100 percent certain on how to pronounce her name (Kee-sha? Keh-sha? Keh-dollar-sign-HA?), but I know this much: the girl has an unhealthy fascination with pee. I'm not saying she has a pee fetish—who am I to speculate on what happens behind her closed doors? Although if I were to speculate, I'd say it probably involves beards—I'm saying Ke$ha and urine seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Don't believe me? Then clearly you haven't seen her latest Twitter self-portrait.


Not that you probably want to, that is, but TOO LATE! Behold the glory that is Ke$ha dropping trou and christening a street somewhere in Los Angeles:

Boy, that's just magical, isn't it? According to her Twitter post, "traffik" was to blame for her inability to pee in the bathroom like a civilized adult:

However, this isn't exactly Ke$ha's first rodeo when it comes to public urination. In 2010, she took a leak in a sink during a Lily Allen gig in London, then claimed it was only natural:

People made a big deal about me peeing in the sink but that wasn’t that shocking. I wasn’t even drunk. It’s an animal instinct as a human and as an animal. I had to pee. And outside there’s paparazzi everywhere -- what am I supposed to do? I accept it’s uncouth. But it’s just being an animal.

She also posted a fairly strange holiday "card" in 2010 which features her singing into the camera while a man pees in the background:

And, of course, there's the MTV Style video where she describes her love for glitter and how she often finds it in the toilet (or sink, or street ... you know, wherever) after she pees.

In conclusion, I think Ke$ha is trying very, very hard to make us understand how crazy and unique and unconventional she is, what with her non-alphanumerical name and punk rock bladder and all. Girl, we get it. You're a special snowflake. Now please make some more catchy music and stop with the pee thing and it wouldn't hurt to comb your hair once in a while, young lady.

On a scale of Hey, When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go to OMFG GET AHOLD OF YOURSELF, how do you rate Ke$ha's Twitter self-portrait?

Images via Ke$, Twitter

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