Kris Humphries Is Sad He Failed as a Kim Kardashian Publicity Stunt

kris humphries

No matter how hard he tries (yes, I'm kidding), Kris Humphries just can't resist bitching and moaning about how Kim Kardashian took advantage of him and ruined his life, or some mumbo jumbo like that. And somehow he just doesn't seem to realize that constantly running his mouth about Kim only makes him look like he isn't over her -- and never will be. Especially since he's hopelessly jealous of her new romance with Kanye West.

Get this one -- Kris thinks that Kim is only getting hot and heavy with Kanye as a publicity stunt, and he is even under the illusion that Kardashian reality show producers had some sort of contact with West before he and Kim started dating. And the only reason he's assuming that Kim and Kanye's relationship is totally fake is because she said she wasn't going to show any of her romances on her reality shows going forward. (Can't a girl have a change of heart?)


But Kris's latest temper tantrum isn't fooling anyone. If anything, it's getting more and more obvious that he realizes he's not as big a celebrity as he'd like to be. It's not like anyone really followed his basketball career before he hooked up with Kim. (Who does he play for again? The Nets?) 

The only reason anyone recognizes the name "Kris Humphries" is because of the Kardashians. If anything, he should be thanking Kim for taking him from being just another professional no-name basketball player to being a household name in the land of reality TV followers. I highly doubt his "career" would be such a big deal if he'd never gotten sucked into the whole Kardashian lifestyle.

But maybe that's the heart of the issue that's truly burning Kris up. (Aww.) His ego must be all bruised because Kim realized that name was never going to take her anywhere but down, which is why she's upgrading to someone with real klout, like Kanye West. The plot thickens.

Why do you think Kris is over Kim?

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