Teresa Giudice on ‘Dancing With the Stars’? No Thanks! (VIDEO)

Theresa GuidiceYeah yeah, Teresa Giudice may have been MIA from Sunday's promotional event for The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 4, but the reality is that things on TV have been sorta Teresa-tastic lately. You know, with all the increased Bravo promos and her Celebrity Apprentice stint and all. As a not-so-much fan of Team Guidice, I'm sorry to tell you that it's about to get a whole lot worse. Ready? Rumor has it that Guidice has her sights set on Dancing With the Stars. The Housewife tells Hollywood.com:

"I'm a hard worker and a pretty good dancer. If I can run around juggling the kids schedules, two TV shows, housework, and still be home to cook my family dinner I can do anything."

Eh, let's agree to disagree. Heck, I have a few better Housewives candidates in mind. Check out 4 Real Housewives that I'd rather see on DWTS than Teresa Guidice:


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Melissa Gorga: OK, no brainer. The woman is H-O-T. I bet she can do a mean fox trot. And the salsa? Forgettaboutit. Her dance partner would have to be careful, though. I could see Gorilla Joe getting a little jealous.

Kim Zolciak: I can hardly imagine what a hilariously entertaining train wreck her dancing would be. Between her massive boobs and her wig, I'd be interested to see what she looks like in a teensy little dancing dress.

Alexis Bellino: Watching Alexis host segments on her local TV news station has proved to be preetttty comical this season on Real Housewives of Orange County. The woman's got a banging body, but something tells me her dance moves aren't that ... on point. Lack of hand-eye coordination makes for excellent TV!

Sonja Morgan: Heck. Yes. After watching her get all snazzed up for that Victorian party or whatever it was she threw that time, we all know that the woman looks good in costume. I betcha she has some hidden dancing talent underneath all that Botox.

Allegedly, the people at DWTS aren't into the idea of Real Housewives being on the show because they aren't "big enough stars." I dunno, personally I think there's a lot of viewership (and hilarity) there. Will they bend the rules for Teresa? Watch more about it, here:

What Real Housewife would you want to see on Dancing With the Stars?


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