Charlie Sheen's Porn Star Ex Will Cheer on Your Breast Exam!

So imagine you’re going for a breast cancer screening exam. A nerve-wracking time for any woman. You’ve got a stranger manhandling your boobies. You could find out some bad news. Probably the last thing you want is a porn star ogling the proceedings. But Charlie Sheen’s ex-porn star girlfriend, Bree Olson, is using her big (fake) boobs to draw attention to a free breast cancer screening bus, “Save Our Boobs,” sponsored by a porn site, PornHub.

I say good for her!


Look, anything, anything that draws attention to breast screening is a good thing. The "Save Our Boobs" bus, which is pink and garish, and Bree Olson, who is also pink and garish, are getting press attention. So cheers to Bree for helping out, her taste in men notwithstanding. And so long as Bree’s hands, which have unfortunately been on Charlie Sheen, don’t touch your lady parts, all's well. And Bree is not giving the exam. A doctor will. Bree says she is just there as a “cheerleader.”

I myself got my first breast exam from a free screening bus parked on the street. I was due for an exam but putting off making the appointment because I was so busy. Then one day I was walking down the streets of New York and boom! There was a screening bus, this one sponsored by Avon. So I stopped in, got my exam, and a week later, my results were mailed to me. So easy! Also, many women don't have health insurance. A free exam is just the ticket.

Listen, ladies, this stuff is very important. I have more than one friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer in her 30s. But luckily they were all diagnosed early. So please get your lovely boobies to a doctor for an exam, even if there’s a porn star standing there cheering you on.

Should a porn star be advertising breast exams or is this just cheesy?

Image courtesy Bree Olson/Twitter

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