Brian McKnight's Vulgar New Song About Lady Parts Is Hilarious (VIDEO)

brian mcknightPoor Brian McKnight. The R&B star just wanted to share a song idea with some fans, try a little something new. So he thought, Why not something sexy? No, really, why not something seXXXy.

Tired of the "smooth romantic" box he'd been trapped in, Brian dared to break out and walk where only rappers dare to tread: Sexually explicit land. So Monday he released a YouTube video featuring samples from his new song, "If You're Ready to Learn."

Ladies, I hope you're ready for this. It's about to get steamy around here. This video? SO NSFW!

And then let's talk about the Twitter backlash that followed because that's even more fun.


OMG, did he just rhyme "works" with "squirts"? Shaking my head. I love this song so much -- for all the wrong reasons! Son, that is hilarious. When Brian released this song over Twitter, there was a p*ssy song backlash. People were shocked at how raunchy the song is. And they mocked. Oh, how they mocked. Rev Baby Hair says, "I went to sleep, woke up and still cant shake the taste of Brian McKnight tryna learn y'all how to squirt. Changed my life...for the worse."

Not to mention, we know how it works, Brian. Thanks for the offer and all.

Anyway, now Brian is saying it was just a parody. He was totally kidding with y'all! Really, it was just a big joke. For reals. He's BORED at home, is all.

Oh please release this song. Please, please, please. I need a new phone ringtone.

What do you think of Brian's new song? Do you believe that it's a parody or do you think he really meant it?


Image via airtightgrizzy/YouTube

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