'16 and Pregnant' Recap: Jordan & Tyler Have Bigger Problems Than a Baby

One of the things that all of the 16 and Pregnant shows have in common is the reliance on parents. This episode with Jordan was no different. But in this case, the parents (or, more accurately, the mother) only make things harder.

Jordan's mom may want the best for her. But she spent the beginning of the episode insulting Jordan's boyfriend (and the baby's father), making all kinds of "rules" for how much time they could spend together and finally threatening not to sign for the epidural.

Tyler's parents SEEMED great until Jordan's mom came around and allowed Tyler to come over. And then they got weird, too.

In many ways, it's hard to blame them.


When you have a 16- or 17-year-old, you start to leave those baby years in the past. Even now, I have a 3- and 5-year-old and I am feeling done with the baby years.

It's hard to imagine going back to the beginning. But if I WERE willing to do so if my own child was having a baby, I would sure as hell expect my kid to allow me to be different than a regular grandparent.

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After all, these babies live with the teen who presumably, more often than not, lives with her parents. Sorry, but that right there makes it a different kind of relationship.

Even more than that, these teens are kids themselves. Any parent may feel "done" with the baby years, but still will always see their child as their baby, especially when that child hasn't even graduated from high school.

I am not defending the bad parental behavior we saw on Jordan's show. Clearly they were being selfish, but I do feel for any parent whose teen comes home pregnant. It isn't what any parent wants for their child and only they know just how hard the road ahead will really be.

Of course they will interfere and want to offer advice and set limits. They don't stop being a parent just because their baby has a baby. No 16-year-old without a baby would be allowed to sleep in the same room as her boyfriend or see a boy her parents hate, right? So how is Jordan different just because she got pregnant?

There is no easy way to parent a child for his or her whole life.

Did you think Jordan's mom was being unfair?


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