'Glee' Recap: Whitney Houston Tribute Is Just a Distraction

Glee Whitney HoustonTalk about your bait and switch! Glee got us all worked up with their leaks about the Whitney Houston tribute. But it turns out that was just to throw us off the scent of the real news.

There are 42 days until the mainstays of the Glee cast graduate. Forty-two days. Oh honey, if this doesn't call for Kurt singing I Will Always Love You, I don't know what does.

Good thing they gave us that. And some more Kurt drama.


Yes, Blurt is now the relationship having trouble. Because Kurt is going to graduate, and Blaine is being left behind, and OMG, can you imagine one without the other? OK, yeah, so Kurt was the only gay in the village for way too long before he found Blaine, but who remembers that?

It feels like we have known these kids forever! And now it's all "ooh, Kurt is going to NYADA" and "ooh, Emma and Mr. Schue are actually going to tie the knot" and ... Oh. My. God.

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I hate to sound like a cliche, but ... it's the end of an era. On the sane, adult level, seeing some of these seniors graduate makes sense. But on the Gleek level, I get "so emotional baby" thinking about them leaving us (my apologies for the Whitney reference ... blame the episode).

I will say Ryan Murphy and co. did an admirable job of meshing the Whitney tribute that came too late with the point of their episode. The kids mourning a musical icon who passed was just another way to ignore their real feelings ... aka dealing with moving on ... which was a mirror for how we, all the Gleeks out here, are feeling. Very meta! And totally spot on.

I was relieved to hear this episode was not about "passing judgement on Whitney," until I realized when Mr. Schue said it was "about getting in touch with your own feelings" really meant "your own" feelings ... as in, OUR own, the viewer's feelings. We had to face the fact that "its not right, but it's OK." Whoops, I did it again.

But holy moly, did this episode not show how good Whitney was at displaying what we're really feeling about just about any major moment? And a major moment it is. Glee has made its mark in prime time thanks to Rachel Berry, Finn Hudson, Kurt Hummel and co. And we only have 42 days left until we have to figure out what it's going to be like without them...

What do you think needs to happen with these characters? If you could get them to stay, what would you do with them?

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