Jill Zarin Insults Bethenny Frankel Then Tries to Play Dumb

Jill ZarinChronic over-sharer Bethenny Frankel has been airing all of her and husband Jason Hoppy's dirty laundry on her show; so naturally, it was only a matter of time before former Real Housewives of New York castmate/bestie, Jill Zarin, let the world know what she thinks of their troubled relationship. And, naturally, she's doing it in a passive-aggressive, rude kind of way.

During Bethenny Ever After last night -- where the entire episode centered around Bethenny and Jason fighting (seriously, aw-kward!) -- Zarin tweeted the following message: "I'm watching a TV show realizing how lucky and grateful I am to be married to Mr. Bobby Zarin, the love of my life, my biggest supporter." Dang, Jill. That's cold. But, hey, great way to get in the press again!


The tweet didn't sit well with Bethennyfiles. One person tweeted at Zarin: "We aren't complete idiots! You were referring to [Bethenny]!" To which she tweeted back: "It's very sad you and some people always go to dark place. If I want to make a dig, I'll make a dig. I haven't in three years." Then she added: "You are a complete 'idiot' as you called yourself. I didn't know you could read minds AND see my TIVO?" Um, okay, Jill.

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If you saw Bethenny last night, there's no way that Jill wasn't referring to her in her tweet. It would just be too weird and coincidental. Like I said, the whole episode featured Bethenny and Jason fighting -- like, really fighting. It was actually kind of uncomfortable to watch. Jill was obviously loving every second of it.

I've often wondered what Jill thinks of Bethenny's show and her highly (self-)publicized rocky relationship with Jason. Guess now we know. Unless this is just some lame ploy to get herself some publicity -- which, knowing Jill, it totally could be. Either way, it's pretty tacky.

What do you think of Jill's tweet?

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