Jon Voight Could Lose Angelina Jolie Again If He Doesn't Shut His Big Mouth

jon voightOh, for the love of Pete! When is Jon Voight going to learn that talking to the media about his daughter, Angelina Jolie, really isn't a great idea? For whatever reason, he just can't resist giving a jolly answer every time he's asked about her by the press -- and one of these days he's bound to piss her off. Again.

Things are all hunky dory between father and daughter these days, but up until fairly recently, Jon and Angelina weren't exactly on speaking terms. Remember when he outed her after she adopted her first son, Maddox, from Cambodia? She was trying to keep the fact that she'd become a mother private, but her dear old dad couldn't keep his mouth shut and told the world that he was indeed a grandfather. And Angie wasn't too happy about it.


You'd think that since they've finally done the whole "water under the bridge" thing, he'd reply with a polite, "No comment," when asked whether or not he thought Brad and Angie were going to have any more kids now that they're getting hitched.

But in true Jon Voight style, he went ahead and put it out there that he doesn't think they'll be adding to their brood because "six is quite a group."

Yes, yes it is -- but shouldn't the decision of whether or not to add more children into the mix be left up to Angie & Brad? Isn't that their business? While his comment was no doubt made with the best of intentions, I can't help but think Jolie will be a little bit miffed that he was so open to talking about her personal life again. She's a pretty private gal, and she's made it quite obvious that she doesn't like matters involving her kids to be taken lightly.

And honestly, Jon's comments may have been a bit hasty, because his daughter and her soon-to-be hubby really seem to be handling six kids just fine. Adding a seventh probably wouldn't shake them up at all. But if they do have another child and Jon becomes a grandpa again, he may want to think about staying mum on his daughter's private matters from now on -- otherwise he may not even get a chance to meet the kid.

Do you think Brad & Angelina will have more children after they get married?

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