‘Glass Castle’ With Jennifer Lawrence Could Win Her an Oscar (VIDEO)

jennifer lawrencePhew! Jennifer Lawrence is going to need some serious downtime after filming The Glass Castle -- if, that is, the Hunger Games heroine really is set to star as journalist Jeannette Walls in the movie version of her best-selling memoir. (Rumor has it Lawrence is "close" to signing as the lead.)

As someone who loved Walls' book (even though it tore me to shreds, emotionally), I honestly can't think of a better actress for the role than Jennifer Lawrence. Here's why:

If you haven't read The Glass Castle, it's a beautiful, harrowing tale about struggle and adversity and kids left to fend for themselves and perseverance (Walls and her three siblings were essentially raised as modern-day nomads by their charismatically troubled and addictive parents).

Sounds kinda Hunger Games-ish, right? Well, that's just it: I know Lawrence will be amazing as Jeannette Walls because the character is more than a little bit similar to Katniss.


But that's also how I know Lawrence is going to need a month-long spa retreat when The Glass Castle wraps. Maybe a year-long spa retreat. Or maybe her next movie will have to be some super-silly, frivolous rom-com. Or just anything that doesn't involve hunger.

Either way, considering The Glass Castle was the first memoir ever to spend over 250 weeks on The New York Times Best Sellers list? I think Jennifer Lawrence can expect add another blockbuster to her resume. Not to mention an Oscar win (don't forget, this would be her second nomination -- she was nominated in 2011 for Best Actress in Winter's Bone!).

Do you think Jennifer Lawrence is perfect for The Glass Castle?

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